Rumah Riang Holiday Home North Bali.

Connect with the culture and traditions of spectacular Northern Bali from this modern, comfortable, well equipped, two-bedroom holiday home in the heart of this very beautiful region.

2 Master Sleeping Bed Rooms on the 2nd Floor

Both rooms has king size and single bed
Luxurious Bath Room with cold/hot water shower

Living Room on the 1st Floor

Spacious modern living room with fan
Large Living Room with Open Kitchen

Out side View

Private Pool 5m x4m x1.5 With Valley view

Amenities of villa Rumah Riang

Fan, air con, Wifi, Cable/ Satelite TV, Toaster, Juicer, Coffee filter, Cooker, Refrigerator, Microwave, Blender, Tableware, Glasses, Kitchen equipment, Water dispenser, Dinning table with 6 chairs, Laundry, Swimming pool, Beautiful panorama.

Why Stay with us as a Local Family?

✅During your stay and to make your visit to Villa Rumah Riang unforgettable, on your arrival, we will welcome you and guide you around the Villa and answer any queries you may have. We can prepare your dinner and lunch at your request. You can order your groceries at your own cost and of course you can do your own cooking if you wish.

✅Explore your experience about the local culture and tradition. memorable meals with traditional home made dishes.

✅A great chance for you to gain better understanding of local costum, tradition, language, and pick up some phrase

✅Warm welcome and a part of our family

Delicious Dinner or Lunch time cooked by Ria

The speciality and you need no worry about?

✅Sleeping Room:

Rumah Riang Holiday Home has 2 large sleeping rooms on the 2nd floor, both sleeping room has 1 master sleeping bed and 1 single sleeping bed and both sleeping room has large bathroom with hot/cold water shower.

✅Your Breakfast:

Your staying is included breakfast, we will prepare your breakfast or you can make by your own breakfast any time in the kitchen of holiday home has your private kitchen set : toaster, coffee filter, stove, juicer, microwive, referegerator to storage or we can make your breakfast instead.

✅Your Lunch and Dinner:

Ria will make your Lunch and Dinner it is the speciality of your stay at our place, of course Ria will make excellent and surprise of the Authentique Balinese Dishes in western standard.

✅Your Needed or Groceries:

In the neighbourhood of the Holiday home there are several local store you can buy some snacks or Drinking or we can take you to the big store near by our village to buy your needed.

✅Your Neighbor and surrounded

Rumah Riang Holiday Home located next door of putu and Ria home family, you are no worry about your need and we always able to pampered your holiday time

✅Your Privacy

We keep your privacy holiday time and of course your stay is private will be no shared your stay with other costumer ( your stay are private only your occupaied )

✅Need Activities:

Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home located in strategically location.

So, we live next door of the holiday home will make sure you enjoy your holiday

Click image to see Activities
Click image to see on youtube

How to Make Reservation?

feel free contact us for information or E mail :

Villa Rumah Riang Location. See Reviews
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9 Replies to “Rumah Riang Holiday Home North Bali.”

  1. When we arrived at Villa Rumah Riang in the middle of the night, we couldn’t really see where we were, but we already noticed the luxury interior, the excellent beds and ofcourse the warm welcome by Ria and Putu. In the morning, we were really surprised by the splendid views, the pool is small, but the children didn’t mind, they really enjoyed it, we found the information leaflet which was very helpful anf we did several tour. Ria always arrange reliable and punctual transportation. In our opinion the walking tour with Putu was really the Best, we enjoyed not only tue beautiful surrounding, but especially the detail explanation by Putu, we also enjoy the excellent cooked by Ria she really creates delicious Meal!, we go on now to Gili island we miss all the villa Rumah Riang and the speciality the hospitality of Ria and Putu.
    Thanks and may be meet again!!
    Paul, Denish, Rob, Skerre, Linde
    from Maiden
    The Netherlands

  2. Patrick and Casey Gregory says:

    We come to Bali to relax and have fun after along work assigment in singapore. Ria and Putu have been fantastic hosts and have gone out of their way to make sure our time here was perfect.
    We took trip with Putu and Dede to see tue temple at Candikuning, Gitgit waterfall lunch at a fantastic restaurant in singaraja and lovina. The temple and waterfall were amazing and having explanations from Putu make it much more enjoyable, we also went trekking with Putu on a different day and learned a great deal about the life here in Mayong as well as how to grow the rice.
    We will be finishing our trip in Bali with a stay in Gilitrawangan, our boat was nearly canceled due to weather, but Ria and Putu went to great lenght to make sure we could get to our destination. We will really miss this place and these great hosts! Be sure to get some of Ria’s Satay ayam ( chicken) and her gado gado with peanut sauce, almost forgot to mention the amazing spring rolls.
    Patrick and Casey Gregory
    South Carolina, USA

  3. Jan, Marthina, Effie and Ben says:

    We hebben een zeer prettig verblijf gehad in villa Rumah Riang en sluiten ons volleding aan bij de lovende reviews van degenan die hier voor ons verblieven.
    Ria en Putu zijn uitzonderlijke gastvrouw en gastheer gebleken.
    Ria, Putu dan Komang
    Terima kasih atas bantuan kalian kepada kami selama tinggal di villa Rumah Riang.❤❤❤
    Jan, Marthina, Effie dan Ben

  4. Tom, Mathilde, Theo and Helena says:

    We had a fantastic walk today, it was a great way to connect with Bali to see how the farmer live and work, to have the symbology of tye spiritual world explained to us, having this knowledge shared and explained tonus was fantastic, suddenly we were not just tourist skating over the surface of life in Bali, we started developing a connetion wirh this amazing place. This is very a valuable thing and what a way to wrap up th day to sit around your table, having such a delicious cooking served up to us and be able to have a laugh and chat with Ria and the family.
    Thank you for a great experience .
    with love from
    Tom, Mathilde,Theo and Helena

  5. Tuine and Mayke says:

    There is something very special in this place something that makes you wanna stay when it’s time to go. We were touched just by the way how people look at you in the eyes smiles…the warmth that’s not only the wather but also in every contact you make with balinese people.
    The magical beauty of the ricefields, blooming lotus flowers and the budhism temple up on a mountain just takes your breath away.
    Seeing women of all ages sitting together having ceremonies all wearing beautiful colorful clothes is something that you have no words for , so special.
    💥 and ofcourse the way Ria + Putu treated us from the beginning till the end of our trip was trully wonderfull!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Tuine and Mayke

  6. It was execeptional to be for some hours with Ria en Putu. We had a warm welcome in the morning and then we walked for some hours through the fields. We learned a lot about flowers, vegetables, trees and people. We met an aunty of Putu in the middele of nowhere. All together this was really wonderful. But than another surprise was there. Ria made a wonderful meal for us. We seldom appreciated so much the food Ria (and Putu) put for us on the table.
    We had a wonderful day with this nice family.
    Jetty and Jan

  7. We have stayed for 1 week in Villa Rumah Riang and we have really enjoyed it , we arrived from Bugbug near to candidasa and had spent almost 7 hours in the car, we were bit tired , but when we saw the villa and Ria and Putu we had a new energy!, it was such a warm welcome with some groceries in the fridge, fruit basket on the tabke for our honeymoon, the flower on the table, on the bed, in the bathrooms,everything was taken care with lot of love!. The villa is really beautiful, the view is great, but the thing we will remember the most is sharing life with the family next door.
    Ria and Putu , Thank you so much for every things! The trekking, the food, take us to the ceremony, arranged transport, but esspecially for let us be a part of your family for 1 week.we wanted to show our kids another culture and how people live on Bali and you did it!
    Many hugs and Kisses
    Leonard, Esther, Hinde,Imke,Kalle

  8. Charlotte says:

    Today we are leaving the wonderfull villa Rumah Riang and it is very nice staff. Ria and Putu Really make this week wonderful, we will never forget the warm hospitality of Ria and Putu. We leave very lazy, we alnist have to do nothing, got great food and a clean house all the time.
    Charlotte and Mayke

  9. Marlyn and Kirsten says:

    It was a short stay but a very nice one! We loved it from the time we arrived such a warm welcome in a beautiful house. Putu and Ria took really good care these were the first days of our 2 weeks of holiday and we think ee have to get used to picjing our own food, it was so nicethat it wasalways a surprise what we got for breakfast – lunch – dinner!
    Big Kiss and Lot of Love
    Marlyn and Kirsten

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