Our Activities

Dear guest during your staying in Rumah Riang Mayong Holiday Home, we offer you some kinds of activities that you can selected.

Mayong Cultural Walk

Mayong Cultural walk is 2 hours walking tour into the countryside and the Ricefields of Mayong village area. Where you can see and learn about the tropical plantation grow in the area and the beautiful ricefields terraces, Mayong Cultural Walk meeting point at Putu and Home ( next door of Villa Rumah Riang).more detail information www.mayongculturalwalk.com

Budhist Temple

Brahma Vihara Arama located 9 km from Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home, It is the biggest budhist temple in Bali, it just 11 Km from Mayong Holiday home. Brahma Vihara Arama located in Banjar tegeha village and located in the mountain area with breath taking panorama and very quiet atmosphere.

Banjar Holy Hotspring

Banjar Holy Hotspring located in banjar village 8 km from Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home, It is close by to Brahma Vihara Arama budhist temple. The Banjar hotspring has 3 pools surrounded by beautiful tropical garden plantation.

Watching Dolphin Tour

Watching Dolphin tour in lovina beach area Located 19 km from Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home, The tour start at 6 am in the morning before sunrise. The watching Dolphin Tour use the traditional fishing boat of the fisherman. these adventure take 2 hours into the sea to see the dolphin showing up and jumping to surface of the sea while we enjoy the sunrise.

Charity Experience to Mayong villagers in the Countryside

Visiting people in countryside of mayong village to helping with some donation to support them

Bali Ceremony Participate

In bali there are 4.000 temples where ceremonies take place almost every day in a year such as full moon ceremony, dark moon ceremony and others ceremony according to balinese calender.

Gedong Kirtya and Buleleng Museum

Gedong Kirtya and Buleleng Museum located in Central city of singaraja North Bali. Gedong Kirtya is a palm leafs manuscript library . It is the only one of it’s kind in indonesia.

Gedong Kirtya museum was built by Dutchman named L.J.J.Caron who came to bali to meet kings and the religious leader to discuss the wealth of literary arts ( lontar

Gedong Kirtya founded on june 2nd 1928 and opened to the public on september 14th, 1928 by the Dutch in singaraja city, North Bali.

Waterfall in Munduk Village

Munduk village located 13 km from mayong village (Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home) which munduk village has beautiful nature and landscape with offer several kind of beautiful waterfall, it is Red Coral Waterfall, Banyumala waterfall, Banyu Warna water fall, Melanting Waterfall.

Uma Anyar Beach sun set

Uma Anyar Beach located in Uma Anyar village located 11 km from Villa Rumah Riang Holiday home. It is beautiful place in the afternoon to visit for sight seeing and enjoy the beautiful sunset

Seririt Morning Local Market

Seririt Located 7 km from Villa Rumah Riang Holiday Home, It is great place to visit in the morning to see and observe the daily local market where the people sell and buying their daily needed such as fresh vegetable, fresh fish, any kind of Herb and spices.

Seririt Night Local Market

Seririt Night Local Market Located 7 km from Rumah Riang Holiday Home, It is Wonderful place and worth to visit to see the local people and or you can buy the any kind food stands on your options they offer.